Monday, June 18, 2012

Naked Korean Father's Day

We were hoping to go to a waterpark, but it was too cold.

So we flipped a coin between Rye Playland and a Korean spa in Queens called Spa Castle. Seriously.

"Spa" is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Father's Day, but I figured it was our best shot at being in water on a 70-degree day, and I also figured it might not be too crowded, because, hey, who would choose to go to a spa on Father's Day?? Except maybe John Travolta.

It turned out to be pretty cool: heated indoor and outdoor pools, and several saunas. We had a great time.

Here were the weird things:

1. In order to shower or even get a towel, you had to walk stark naked into a gargantuan 100x100-foot pool room. And by "shower" I mean there were shower heads on the walls. No stalls or curtains. It was like walking around naked in Macy's. Even worse, it was men-only.

2. The food area had corn dogs, Hagen Daz bars, and sushi.

3. You had to wear Spa Castle-issued shorts and shirts over your swimsuit unless you were in a pool. The women's uniforms were orange, so I had to resist the urge to do gang signals and trade cigarettes with them.

All things considered, we gave it a thumbs up. It was cheaper than actually going to Korea, and more relaxing than actually visiting a women's prison.

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