Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Latest book news

"Ten Tiny Toes" is #18 on Amazon's Hot New Releases in New Baby Books. That bodes well, because it won't even be out for another ten weeks.

I really think this one is going to do well, but I'm also trying to be philosophical about it.

If I were a more emotionally balanced, less competitive person, I'd say, "It doesn't matter how many people buy a book I wrote. It doesn't matter if no publisher ever buys another of my manuscripts. It's about the joy of writing, and that's the only part of the process I can control."

To which the real me responds, "Plllltttttt!"

I watch Mo Willems crank out best-selling children's books every 13 minutes. "The Pigeon Flies a Plane." "The Pigeon Eats a Sandwich." "Elephant and Piggy Take Out the Trash." "Knuffle Bunny and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." It's highly annoying.

I love to write about babies and toddlers, because they are the greatest things in the world. They offset all the evil crap that adults do to each other to try and make the world rotten. Babies are the antidote to evil, and the world needs to be reminded of that.

But I'm competitive about it. I like to win.

So...that's where I am. I'm hoping "Ten Tiny Toes" goes big, knocking "KB6: Knuffle Bunny's Revenge" out of the #1 spot, and Mo Willems becomes so depressed that he goes on a 13-minute drinking binge, delaying the release of "KB7: Knuffle Bunny and the Goblet of Fire."

I promise to keep you apprised.

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