Sunday, October 14, 2018

Thoughts on love and marriage

We are married. He-he.

Love is the fundamental underpinning of my life. It is what I was raised with. It is what I have raised my own kids with. It has kept me sane. It has taken me outside of myself and showed me how wonderful it is to care about another person more than I care about myself. It really is the glue that binds us all to each other, and keeps the world turning, and keeps life going. I'm a big fan of love.

I'm also a big fan of marriage. Some people like being single. Being single is all about exploration, freedom, learning about oneself, blah, blah, blah, me, me, me.

Look at this girl and tell me I should be single.

Don't be afraid of love or marriage. If you're lucky, it's only until you die.

Don't be that person who says "I want perfection." 

God forbid you should find a person that either of you believes is perfect. Imperfection is what makes us interesting.

Don't be that person who says "Before I can really love someone else, I need to love myself." 

Okay...sure, whatever. Then suck it up and move forward.

Don't be that person who says "Marriage is just a piece of paper."

Life without commitment, ceremony, and celebration is like being a cow. Don't waste your life away standing in your pasture chewing your cud and waiting to die.

Life is short. Make love. Make babies.

Look at this girl. May you be as happy as I am. May you find love.