Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New cheap, ugly sofa

Rather than just declaw the stupid cat, we buy a cheap, ugly sofa every three years to replace the cheap, ugly sofa that the cat has shredded. It works out to a cost of $100/year to have a cheap, ugly, cat-shredded sofa as the focal point of our apartment. But the benefit is that for exactly one week every three years, we have a BRAND NEW, NON-CAT-SCRATCHED, cheap, ugly sofa.

The other options are to have a really nice, plush, leather, cat-shredded sofa that we could only afford to replace every ten years, by which time it would basically look like leather confetti...or get rid of the cat and have a really nice, plush, leather sofa that is infested by mice.

Or, yeah, just declaw the damn cat--my proposed idea, which Jen keeps nixing because she would rather have a shredded sofa than have some anonymous veterinarian think poorly of us.

Anyway, we just got our new cheap, ugly sofa and threw out the old cheap, ugly, cat-shredded sofa. When we took Bailey and Kahlua out for their evening walk, they saw the old sofa sitting at the curb and were so confused that they immediately jumped up on it and sat down to watch TV.

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