Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tour of Ethan's castle, by Ethan Tarpley

My castle is actually a combination of three castles: Imaginext, MegaBlocks, and Playmobil. I got Playmobil first, when I was maybe four.

I like Imaginext best because it has the most pieces. I got all three from different Christmases. I spent three years getting castles. Then I put them all together to make one ginormous castle.

Almost all of the figures have weapons. They fight all day. I guess they get paid to fight. That's their job. And they get to have parties at nighttime.

This guy's name is King Bravemore. And this guy's name is King Blue Silver. Sometimes I make up their names by colors.

(In character)

"Dude! That's a boat!"

"Uh-oh. I think I broke it."

"It's blowing fire."

"Let me try, dude."

"That thing is awesome!"

"What's this? Oh, no!"

"He is making a tornado with his sword. Dude! I'm drowning!"

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