Monday, August 3, 2009

Splish Splash water park

We apparently chose the busiest day in the history of humanity to visit Splish Splash. It was like Times Square in rush hour. Long line to get into the park, long lines for every ride. The water slides last 30 seconds, so we probably netted 5 minutes of actual water time during a 7-hour visit.

We were never even able to set foot in the wave pool or the lazy river--they literally had Depression-era bread lines.

Jennifer would like to add that there were not enough women's restrooms. Always lines leading out the doors.

Hard to rebound from that great first impression.

And yet...

It's a real, good-sized waterpark within public transportation distance of Manhattan (2 hrs door to door from Penn Station). We didn't have to rent a car, as we do to go to Lake Compounce, Splashdown Beach, Hurricane Harbor, or Mountain Creek.

The park was nicely designed to incorporate trees and other natural landscaping; it wasn't just a giant swath of cement.

There was a good variety of rides and attractions, from a pirate ship kiddie pool to lazy river to wave pool to lots of tube/raft/body slides.

It was well maintained.

Will we go back? I can safely say it won't be #1 on our list next year, but...I could probably be persuaded to try it again on a weekday. I don't speak for Jennifer.

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