Thursday, September 6, 2007

Giggling Sam

I saw a toddler on the subway this morning, with big brown eyes and the sweetest little smile. It reminded me of Samuel when he was that age, and how I used to write poems to him, including this one:

There's nothing like a giggling Sam
To pull me from depression
I tickle him, he giggles back
My giggling Sam obsession

Sometimes I go from toe to head
Sometimes from head to toe
Sometimes I tickle back and forth
And sometimes to and fro

He squirms and writhes and writhes and squirms
And laughs and screams and squeals
Who knows the depth of giggleness
That tickled Sam reveals

Sometimes I kiss his belly
Sometimes I kiss his ear
Sometimes I kiss his armpit
Sometimes I kiss his rear

It doesn't matter where I kiss
A giggle he'll emit
And then I find I cannot stop
It's much too fun to quit

No war, no fear, no hatred,
No sadness could withstand
The healing power of one half hour
Of tickling giggling Sam.

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