Sunday, April 12, 2009


We rented a car on Friday and went to an indoor amusement center called The Funplex in East Something-or-Other, NJ, about an hour away. It had mini-rides, arcade games, go-karts, foam ball shooting, and most important, MagiQuest (cue chorus of angels).

We stayed overnight at a hotel in nearby Something-or-Other...Parsippany? Whippany? Colonoscopy? I don't know; do real people actually live in these places or do they only exist for the 24 hours we are there, like Fantasy Island?

Jen even got 2 hours at Target while the boys and I swam at the hotel pool.

At $120 for Funplex admission for 4, and $100 for the hotel room via Priceline, it was less than half the cost of an overnight trip to Great Wolf Lodge, which I still love and miss but whose $500-a-night cost we simply can't justify in 2009.

Good times. Roll tape.

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