Thursday, October 15, 2009

The latest news

A quick run-down on the week’s happenings:

I got a “folded and gathered” copy of my first book, How About a Kiss for Me?, in the mail from Dutton for review. It looks like a real book. Publishing date is June 10, 2010. Hurray.

Jen has been very busy at work. She always seems to be getting up at 6:30am, and by the time the boys and I wake up at 7:15 she is walking around in a nice suit reciting lines from a presentation to herself. Even when she has a day off she is stressed about all the work she is not doing. I don't seem to have that particular issue.

Samuel left yesterday morning for a 3-day trip with his class to a nature/wilderness retreat in upstate NY called "Ashoken" (translates from Native American as "Damn, it's cold"). He was excited to go, but a little anxious about being away from home for 3 days, and a little anxious about the possibility of seeing bugs.

Ethan got a new book from Barnes & Noble-—the latest installment of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” which is his favorite book series. He is going to miss Samuel a lot for the next couple of days, but we’ll try and keep him distracted and give him lots of attention. He slept in our bed last night.

Bailey & Kahlua:
Well, Kahlua is doing fine, but Bailey had eye surgery yesterday to correct something called “cherry eye.” The vet called in the middle of the day and informed us that he also needed to have an impacted tooth removed. So...I'm just gonna have my paychecks automatically desposited to the vet's checking account.


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