Sunday, May 23, 2010

Top 5 exciting things that happened this weekend

1. Bailey got into the groceries and ate an entire pot pie. He spent the next 24 hours lying around the house whimpering, pooping, and vomiting on the boys' beds. He has recovered.

2. Ethan found TWO live bugs in his toy castle in his bedroom. After the initial screams of terror, he and Jennifer hand-washed every piece of the castle and all of the figures, then vacuumed the bedroom and re-set everything up again.

3. Samuel created a post-it-note daily countdown to our trip to LA in 3 weeks to see all the filming locations from "Back to the Future." (I'm taking the boys with me on a business trip.)

4. My family left me at the Diana Ross Playground in Central Park this afternoon beause I was so preoccupied drawing a chalk railroad track for some little kids that I didn't hear Jennifer repeatedly telling me, "We're leaving now, come on, it's time to go." When I looked up they were gone.

5. Ethan persuaded us to buy a ShamWow at the Amsterdam Avenue street fair. He was so excited that we could save hundreds of dollars a year on paper towels. We were thinking of asking the salesman if they work on pot pie dog vomit.

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