Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I was born here and spent the first five years of my life here...singing in the toddler's choir at Boston Avenue Church, skating at Parkey's Roller Rink on Mingo, opening Christmas gifts at the grandparents', walking to kindergarten with the smokin' hot Jenny Miller.

We made the trip down for Grandmother's funeral, and it was a good trip. We even made some new memories.

My family on the spot where my Tarpley grandparents' house once stood, now surrounded by the runways of Tulsa International Airport.

Samuel and Ethan showing their cousin Ryan the iPad.

My niece, Addie, looking for trouble.

Ethan's first time driving a Go-Kart by himself.

My cousin Mark and his wife Jenny, whom we'd definitely hang out with if we lived closer.

My own little family.

I feel very old and very young all at the same time.

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