Saturday, July 30, 2011

Can someone please loan me a toddler... that I can buy this dress that's in the window of Granny-Made? It's pink and yellow with little butterflies pinned all over it, and it makes me smile to think of a 2-year-old with chubby cheeks and little chubby legs wearing it to a tea party and saying, "It's my butterfwy dwess."

In related news, my wife and kids are convinced that I'm gay.


  1. When someone makes me laugh AND makes me think, I have to stick around. I've made it this far through your posts and you've done both. Thank you. For the record, any man who would pick out this dress for a little girl, NEEDS a little girl. =) We had 5 sons before our daughter Lexi arrived. She's six now and would definitely park herself in front of this window for at least 10 minutes before dragging me inside for a closer look. We have to get closer looks at lots of things. Have a wonderful Sunday. I hope to read more later.