Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Another year gone
and not much to report
I'm just not a bold
or embellishing sort

Most of my year was spent
earning a buck
and dreaming of finding
a job that won't suck

I wrote some good stories
or so I've been told
They may become books
but they haven't yet sold

I'm not any wiser
It's sad but it's true
There's practically nothing
I learned that was new

I didn't get famous
I didn't get rich
At least I'm not lying
face-down in a ditch

I stayed out of prison
I stayed deep in debt
I didn't go broke
(Though it may happen yet)

I didn't do anything
shameful or lewd
I didn't tweet pics
of myself in the nude

Or assault a hotel maid
or steal from a granny
or father a child
with the family nanny

I didn't get carried away
in a twister
Or marry a f-ing
Kardashian sister

My children got bigger
so big that it's scary
And one of them even
a little bit hairy

They're healthy and happy
And so is my wife
And that, pretty much,
is what matters in life

So I shouldn't complain
but sometimes I still do
Happy new year to me
Happy new year to you


  1. I stumbled on to your blog this morning hitting the next blog feature. Thank you, your entries are delightful. I hope you don't mind, I plan to enjoy them.

  2. I've been following for a while...I adore yor little family! In light of the new year and the circumstances given, I have a statement you should hear.

    I know that the world will not end in 2012 because Marty Mcfly traveled to 2015.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  3. Love your mahhvelous sense of humor. I also agree TOTALLY with your opinion of the k-sisters: they live such vapid, meaningless lives that WHO CARES about them anywayz?? Your New Year Poem is the best--please write more! HYN2012 to y'alls, too!