Sunday, October 21, 2012

I just cleaned out the fridge

I threw out:
  • 6 take-out containers of half-eaten Chinese food (from two different occasions)
  • 2 take-out containers of rice
  • A take-out container of Chinese soup or dipping sauce or something dark and icky
  • An unopened package of bacon with an expriation date of Oct 2
  • A near-empty tub of butter (there's a full tub still in there)
  • An unopened FreshDirect pre-packaged salmon dinner with an expiration date of Oct 2
  • A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, date of creation unknown (but rigor mortis had set in)
  • A blondie wrapped in tin foil, date unknown, but hard (I tried it, just in case)
  • An unopened package of jumbo ravioli, "use or freeze by Oct 4"
  • Half of a salad, lettuce wilting
  • A small take-out container of salad dressing
  • A tiny container of something else vaguely liquidy
  • An unopened half pound of cheddar cheese, expiration date Oct 19 (but also showing mold)
  • An unopened take-out container of chicken soup from Citarella, "sell by 10/11"
We're only staying in this apartment during our bathroom renovation--we just moved in on October 1.

Jennifer's going to come home and say, "Where's that tub of butter? It was perfectly good!"

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