Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend update

Surprise! Our apartment renovation's not done yet. Two more weeks, in addition to the six weeks we've already been out of our apartment. Our poor little dogs will continue to be boarded. Our evil cat will remain living alone in the construction rubble keeping the mice away.

Here's what it looks like:

Walls, plumbing, and electricity are done; waiting for tile, toilets, sinks, fixtures, washer/dryer, closet shelving, paint, and clean-up. Two more weeks sounds naively optimistic.

Jen is starting to go stir-crazy in our temporary studio apartment, and spying on people in the Dakota turned out to be incredibly boring. God forbid we might actually see Yoko Ono or Roberta Flack undressing. That might scar us for life.

So on Friday night we rented a car, drove to Connecticut, and stayed at a hotel for a little rest and relaxation. On Saturday we dropped Jen off at Target while the boys and I went to the Stamford mall; "Ten Tiny Toes" was a Top Pick in Picture Books at B&N--Jewel's book was not. Ha. High-five.

Yesterday I revised and re-submitted a manuscript while Ethan sat next to me writing his own book. Chocolate milk at the farmer's market on Columbus, "Wreck-It Ralph" with friends, late family dinner at a restaurant, then "home" to our teeny studio on 72nd. Yoko and Roberta Flack probably watched us undress for bed.

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