Monday, May 6, 2013

I like book editors


I went to a "soiree" the other night, which sounds like something illegal, but it was just a cocktail party for literary agents, editors, and authors.

I think of all the people I've met, children's book editors are the nicest. I'm not just sucking up because I need to sell some manuscripts, either.

If the whole world were populated by children's book editors, there would be no wars. At most there would be mild disagreements about whether Saturday can rhyme with that-a-way.

The biggest problem in the world would be overcrowding at Vassar. Life would not be about who has the most natural looking Botox. It would be about making kids giggle and creating positive things that will still be around in a hundred years.

I know perfectly nice people who are bankers and school teachers and architects and digital media execs. But as a blanket statement, I'm going with children's book editors.

And I do need to sell some manuscripts, actually.

(P.S. Soiree invitation artwork by fellow Prospect Agency client Leeza Hernandez.)

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