Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last day of school

He was slow getting up, as always. I had to throw the covers off of him to get him out of bed and into the shower.

He decided to wear his favorite shirt, a Minecraft Reaper t-shirt, but it was in the laundry, so he went with his second-favorite, the skeleton.

He opted for Cinnamon Toast Crunch over Crunch Berries and Froot Loops. He doesn't like the new Froot Loops with marshmallows because "they just don't go together." Note to Kellogg's consumer research team.

He informed me that he and Brooke are getting married on Minecraft and are going to adopt Dominic, but he is worried that Aaron and Zoey might get married first. He said he might get married someday in real life, but he won't have actual kids because he doesn't like them.

Samuel, meanwhile, has Regents Exams this week, and didn't have to be at school today until 1pm. So while Ethan ate breakfast, Samuel trudged from his bedroom into mine and Jen's, because he likes our bed better. (Jen had already left for work.) He then covered himself with the comforter because Ethan was talking too loudly. It's difficult for Ethan to speak quietly.

On the way up Amsterdam in the cab, Ethan told me that he wasn't excited about the last day of school. For one thing, he probably won't get as much time as he wants this summer to play on the computer. For another thing, there's supposed to be a picnic after school with a water gun fight, and he forgot to bring a swimsuit--or a water gun. So life will be continue to be one misery after another as he leaves the sixth grade behind.

I want to tell him he has nothing to feel miserable about. But I don't have anything to feel miserable about either, and I'm still sad to see him grow up so fast.


  1. I guess at least with a minecraft wedding you won't have to cover the drinks tab.
    They grow up too fast.