Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Frank Lloyd Wright blueprint

Several years ago my late friend Bob and I pooled our money and bid on a set of original Frank Lloyd Wright blueprints of Fallingwater that were being auctioned off at Bonham's. We were the second highest bidders, but we had to drop out at $10,000.

Bob and I talked about how much we regretted not getting a third investor to go in with us.

Well, in memory of Bob, I got I finally got my Frank Lloyd Wright blueprint.

The bad news? It's not Fallingwater. The good news? It didn't cost $10,000.

It's an elevation sheet of a private home in Michigan that was built in 1950. It's got great, swooping horizontal Prairie lines, a beautiful deep blue color, and "Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect" printed across the bottom. It's a poor man's Picasso.

Jennifer won't let me hang it in the living room because she says our apartment already looks like a blueprint gallery: the Chrysler Building, Elvis' racquetball court at Graceland, and most recently the old DeLorean factory in Northern Ireland--Samuel's Christmas gift.


You know what they say: blueprints are like kids and dogs--you can't have too many. And if I had more money we'd have more of each.

My new FLW blueprint is on the office wall above my computer, right across from Elvis.

Here's to you, Bob.

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