Monday, September 1, 2014

10 differences between Hurricane Harbor (NJ) and Camelbeach (PA)

1. Decor: Hurricane Harbor = Gilligan's Island. Camelbeach = Off-Season Ski Lodge.

2. Music: Hurricane Harbor = Beach Boys. Camelbeach = Oak Ridge Boys.

3. Water Temperature: Hurricane Harbor = cold. Camelbeach = frigid.

4. Wave Pool: Hurricane Harbor = small waves. Camelbeach = monster waves. (Both fine for little kids in the shallow area.)

5. Lazy River: Hurricane Harbor = extra charge for tubes, so most people walk/wade. Camelbeach = cluttered with tubes, and you're not allowed to walk/wade.

6. Lines: Hurricane Harbor = moderate to long. Camelbeach = generally short.

7. Cost: Hurricane Harbor = $42. Camelbeach = $38.

8. Parking: Hurricane Harbor = $25. Camelbeach = free.

9. Distance: Hurricane Harbor = 90 minutes from NYC. Camelbeach = 105 minutes from NYC.

10. Preference: Camelbeach is a better bargain for a single visit. Hurricane Harbor is a better deal with a season pass (because you get free parking and admission to Six Flags as well). Like steak and lobster, there's no wrong choice :)

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