Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dog haircut day

They won't sit still, and unlike a professional groomer I have no way to hold them down. So I have to chase them around the apartment with the electric razor like Edward Scissorhands and get a few snips in before they wriggle out of my grasp and run to another room.

We collected an entire trash bag of dog fur, and I was so proud of my grooming skills until I took them outside and saw them in the sunlight. Ethan said that Kahlua looked like she'd been mauled by a bear. I didn't do her back very evenly, so it had streaks and splotches.

The important thing is, it's done. For another three months or so.

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  1. Charlie, our hound was in the same boat awhile back. Instead of taking him to a groomer, hubby wanted to try to do it himself. I never laughed so hard in my life when I saw the results of Charlie's "new do." Like you, he groomed him in the house thinking he did a fine job. Out in the sunlight, there were patches everywhere. So funny and no harm done.

    Ashley Ziegler @ SF Hound Lounge