Sunday, August 30, 2015

Every now and then you have a great day

I have often dreamt of having five kids.

And taking them all to a waterpark on a hot summer day in a big-ass SUV. With a sunroof. And a radio station that plays hits from the '80s.

And in my dream, although it's a hot day, the lines at the waterpark aren't too long, so we get to do some raft rides and body slides.

And there are lots of babies to smile at, and I get to lift a toddler wearing a pink tutu swimsuit out of her tube at the end of the lazy river. And we eat pizza and corndog bites for lunch, and the kids get waffles right before we leave, and Jen and I get Blizzards from DQ on the way home.

And there's no vomiting or farting or tantrums the entire car ride. And we don't even stop at Target on the way home.

Just a dream, you say?

Good way to end the summer.

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