Sunday, September 20, 2015

Family reunion, 1987

I had just quit my job in NYC to move to Iowa to wrestle and train with Gable. This family reunion was the one-week break in between. I was outwardly optimistic and inwardly panicked about my life. 

I realize now, outside the haze of youthful narcissism, that everyone else in this picture was going through their own life changes and decisions and optimism and panic. (My aunt Janet, behind me, is wearing a shirt that says, "I'm 40 and it's okay.")

It's nice to see everyone so young and vibrant and alive, but of course you wouldn't want to live in this moment now even if you could, because of all the wonderful things that were still to come: Jennifer (whom I met a year later), Samuel, Ethan, other nieces and nephews and new additions. But what a great family I come from.

Build a base of love for those who follow--that's basically what this picture says to me.

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