Saturday, February 20, 2016

Back to Mars

We have a running joke in our family that whenever someone suggests going out to eat, Samuel or I say, "Let's go to Mars 2112!"

It was Samuel's favorite restaurant when he was ten, and even though it closed in 2012, we like to pretend it still exists. I like to pretend that he's still ten, and maybe he does too sometimes.

I asked him a few weeks ago what he wanted to do for his 18th birthday. He said, "Mars 2112!"

I joked, "We should call the owners of that building and plead with them to let us tour the gutted space. It's your birthday, damn it."

Fast forward.

Before and After: the main dining room:

Before and After: main dining room, looking the other direction:

Before and After: the game room:

Before and After: passage from the spaceship to the restaurant:

Before and After: the hostess station, upper level:

I don't want to make this all about me. But once in a blue moon, to be able to pull off something audacious and stupid like this, it makes me feel like a good dad.

Happy birthday, Mr. Samuel. You are loved.

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