Sunday, May 15, 2016

What I did this weekend

So a couple of months ago a city inspector came by our building (that is not him with the dog, but use your imagination). He said we had loose terra cotta and we had to get a scaffolding up within a few days, then hire someone to inspect the entire facade and fix the problem.

We had the scaffolding up quickly.

As suspected, the city is better at demanding other people do things quickly than it is at doing things quickly itself.

Now the scaffolding is just sitting there, uglying up our building, while we wait for city permits to be issued so that we can start the work. Here is what that process looks like:

You may recall that my big building project of 2015 was installing flower boxes on all the front windows. You don't recall that? Okay--well it was. We had mums for the fall.

The issue for the past two months: do we wait until the scaffolding is gone to put in flowers? It may be 2017.

So Jen and I spent the weekend buying and planting ivy and impatiens in the fourteen window boxes. I'm sure I screwed something up--wrong soil, not deep enough, too close together, whatever.

And they look very puny at the moment--not the huge, overflowing cornucopia I envisioned.

But we'll see.

The sad thing is that I'm sore from all the gardening. This is like such a totally old person thing in so many ways.

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