Sunday, July 10, 2016

At last...Kalahari

Two months ago there were only two waterparks in the tri-state area that we hadn't yet been to--Aquatopia and Kalahari. Both opened last year, in the Poconos, and both are indoor waterparks connected to hotels.

We hadn't had a chance to cross either off the bucket list, because I'd been working at a start-up for the past two years and we just didn't have the money.

So when I got a freelance job at Time in January I said we'd celebrate by going to Aquatopia--and we did. Then when my contract got extended a few weeks ago I said we'd go to Kalahari--and we did.

Jen missed the selfie because she was shopping at the outlet mall, but she joined us a few hours later. We had dinner at a local pizza dive, then stayed overnight and spent most of the next day the waterpark again.

Samuel is off to college in a few short weeks, so this was special for me. Here are my little boys from our first indoor waterpark visit in 2007, at Great Wolf Lodge:

And here I am deviating from my standard Coke Zero to celebrate family, employment, waterpark bucket lists, and two great big grown-up boys that I love. 

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