Sunday, October 2, 2016

The return of Samuel

He took a bus from Hartford Friday afternoon, but there was traffic. He got here at 9--his first time home since we dropped him off at college a month ago.

The dogs were happy to see him but acted like he'd only been gone overnight. It was rainy and late. We ordered Domino's. 

"How are your classes going?" (He shrugged. "Pretty good.")

"Still getting along okay with your roommates?" (He shrugged. "Uh-huh.")

"Are you making friends in your classes? ("Uh-huh. A few.")

Aha. He's making friends.

"How's the cafeteria food?" ("Good. But the cafeteria closes at 7:30 so sometimes I forget to eat dinner by then.")

I knew he looked thin in the face. Why on Earth would a college cafeteria close at 7:30 PM? Is it a retirement home? In New York 7:30 is an afternoon snack.

Jen went to bed at midnight; Samuel, Ethan and I stayed up 'til 2--not doing anything, just on our computers, being in the apartment together.

Saturday around noon we got croissants from the new bakery on Columbus & 81st. He spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with a friend-turned-girlfriend from high school, got up early this morning, hugged us, and caught the 7:30 AM bus back to Hartford.

He left his pajamas on the bathroom floor and an unopened Nesquick in the fridge. 

He's a big boy. He's fine. Things will be okay.

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