Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Antiques Roadshow

You know how in that show, somebody brings in an interesting piece of art that they bought twenty years ago at a flea market, and it's been sitting in their attic ever since? And the appraiser takes one look at it and says, "What you have here is a Jackson Pollock. It's worth millions of dollars."

Well, the same thing just happened when I was cleaning out the boys' closet:

The amazing thing is that in addition to the Pollock, there was a Picasso:

I've ordered frames for both. The Pollock is going in the hallway; Picasso front and center in the foyer.

The first thing anyone will see when they enter this apartment is the roar of boyhood and the roar of manhood and the roar of the wild rumpus of life, where Samuel and Ethan and I are the kings of all wild things.

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