Sunday, June 17, 2018

Every day is Father's Day

When I'm on my deathbed looking back at life, these two boys sitting across from me at EJ's are what I'll be most proud of.

Most of us aren't going to cure cancer. (Which would be impossible anyway, because once somebody does it, by definition the rest of us can't.) What I mean is, if we measure the worth of our lives by worldly accomplishments, most of us are going to be disappointed. Those who are most driven to accomplish lofty goals are going to be the most disappointed, because they are perfectionists. They will be upset that they only cured a mild form of cancer. And they may be so driven by external goals that they may suck at personal relationships--being a husband, a dad, a decent human being.

I'm blessed to write books that make toddlers laugh. That's as lofty as it's going to get for me in terms of external accomplishments.

But in terms of what I've really done for the world, it's these two boys. I hope they will spend their lives loving other people and making the world better by being here.

I feel like I moved humanity forward by twenty baby steps, and I'm not a perfectionist, so that's good enough for me.

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