Monday, December 11, 2006

Holiday Photo

Whew. Here's the holiday card. My Photoshop skills are improving a little every time I attempt something like this. This time I added shadows to my repertoire. Still thinking I should've made the foreground images a little more grainy, to blend in with the background. I blurred them a bit, but much more and it just looks like a blurry image. Oh, well. I don't do this for a living, folks.
But what a kick-ass concept. Thank God I found the background image. It was the ONLY one I found that was even close to working. I had to scan Lawrence from a book and dub him in; in the photo he was cut off just below the knees, so I had to create the lower part of his legs using a photo of shoes (!) plus copying/pasting/transforming/retouching from the upper part of the leg. That part ain't half bad, I have to say. Even got a little flare in there.
Now, I have to finish the newsletter and get these sent out by the end of the week. I'm putting the newsletter online this year for the first time.
It's 1:30 am, Jennifer is still up wrapping gifts and watching "Brokeback Mountain" on HBO. Boys are long asleep.

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