Saturday, February 3, 2007

10 Random Thoughts

I'm burned out from too much song writing, so here are 10 random thoughts on a Saturday night:

1. I love Coca-Cola Zero. I can consume nothing but Balance bars and Coca Cola Zero and still have a healthier diet than 90% of the population. We live in a wonderful world.

2. Samuel and Ethan are absolutely out of control tonight. They are bouncing off the walls. They did not go outside today because it's so cold.

3. I'm addicted to this Sudoku puzzle book. It makes me feel like I'm giving my brain a workout, even though it really just keeps me from doing more creative things like writing.

4. I can't get the Christopher Cross song "Think of Laura" out of my head. Don't ask--I have no idea.

5. I'm dismayed about the state of Iowa Wrestling. They've lost their mojo.

6. I went running in Central Park today in shorts instead of long running pants and nearly froze my legs.

7. Ethan and I gave Kahlua a bath. Her ears aren't dry, so Jennifer put a hair clip in them to keep them up so they'll dry. She looks ridiculous. (Kahlua, not Jennifer.)

8. I launched another website at work. We've set an impossible schedule, with no margin for error, and not enough resources, but I like a company that aims high.

9. I have several songs in semi-completed state. I'll finish them soon and add them here. I enjoy having an outlet for my creativity, but I will never be able to apply for a job with Sesame Workshop again, based on my public dissemination of "Buffet Booty." Ernie and Bert will just have to continue their descent into social irrelevance without me.

10. Farrah Fawcett is cancer free, and I don't really care.

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