Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yikes, has it been a whole week?

5 Random Thoughts:

1. It's 9:46 pm on a Sunday night. Sam & Ethan are laughing and screaming and bouncing balls on the living room floor instead of getting into bed. I'm writing a blog entry instead of getting them ready for bed.

2. Ethan got kicked out of Morning Group again last week. I was there to witness it. Very irritating that he can't seem to control himself. He likes the captive audience. He goes for the laugh. Don't know where he gets it. Must be from Jennifer's side.

3. I'm busy at work.

4. I got a new pair of running shoes. Wore them yesterday and today in the park, 3 miles each day, about 6:15 pace; ran the first mile in 5:50 today. I like to run under 6:00 every now and then to pretend that I'm not getting old.

5. A week from today we're going to Great Wolf Lodge for a little overnight trip. The boys are very excited about it, especially Samuel.

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