Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pretty in Pink

Ethan needs a haircut. Badly. Last week at his Tae Kwon Do class a mother sitting next to me asked if he was my daughter. When I said, no, it's a he, she said, "She's so cute."

Later that day the woman at McDonald's gave him a "My Little Pony" toy in his Happy Meal.

I asked him why he won't get a haircut. He said, "I'm growing it long for a movie role." When I asked him to elaborate, he said he planned to play the part of a girl. I asked him if he would get a haircut afterwards. He said yes.

I said, I have an idea...

Unfortunately, now he says this is not the movie he wanted to be in. He wants to be in a movie in which he plays a female spy, not Molly Ringwald. Oh, and the movie has to be shown in a movie theater, not YouTube. Duh. (Dads are idiots.)

Bottom line: no haircut yet.

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