Sunday, July 22, 2007

What was on Ethan's mind this week...

Ethan talks non-stop. I tried to transcribe the tiniest fraction of his thoughts this week:

"It's kind of weird, these people who don't believe in Santa. Because if they don't believe in Santa, then how did they get all those presents?"

"Wow, you're sweaty. Why do you take runs? Are you a professional at running?"

"School of Rock isn't all that appropriate. Because Jack Black said a bad word...'You are a little grain on my big rear.'"

"Once Spongebob walked into the bathroom and said, 'I'm not taking a shower with you looking. Close your eyes.' Then he went into the shower. Then the screen was black. Then he came out and said, 'Squeaky clean. Squeak, squeak.'"

"In cartooning when they want to show that someone is a baby, they only show one tooth, right here."

"I wanna go on Nicktropolis!"

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