Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ethan's Class Photo

I wish I could say that this photo is just a joke, but it's the official class photo of Ethan's class. (Click for a closer look.)

Yes, that's Ethan yukking it up with the martial arts pose.

The scary thing is, they surely took more than one picture--so this was the best one.

Poor Ms. Chandler's expression says, "I'm smiling now but wait 'til the photographer leaves the room." Poor Ms. Abrahams is giving him the "I-shouldn't-have-turned-down-that-finance-job-in-San Diego" stare.

And everyone was so distracted that they didn't even notice that poor Tasnim was holding the Studio School sign upside down. (Unless Ethan put her up to it.)

To the parents of Ethan's classmates, all I can say is: we're sorry. He was born this way, we swear.

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