Saturday, October 25, 2008

Top 10 Major World Events of the Past 2 Weeks

10. Samuel's friend John came over for a playdate and accidentally knocked over Ethan's Imaginext castle. This is about the tenth time his castle has been knocked over. He was inconsolable for about 30 minutes. He was finally cheered up by attention, Nickelodeon, and Froot Loops.

9. Samuel found an old portable TV on the sidewalk, which he hauled in and added to his growing collection of junk electronics, which now includes a circa-1980 Polaroid camera and a broken Blackberry.

8. Jen is preparing for an open house for her fall jewelry collection on Nov. 16, so she has been spending her free time making jewelry and flyers. Take a look: Buy something and tell her I sent you, but don't mention that I said she's been kinda crabby lately.

7. The whole family (including Kahlua) attended my 15-year Yale School of Management reunion picnic. One of my classmates told me about the web site he created, which he runs as a hobby and monetizes via Google AdSense. "Google AdSense," I scoffed. "Tough way to make a living." Then he told me the site generates $25K a month. I about blew Coca-Cola Zero out my nose. I spend too much time with idiots and not enough time with smart people.

6. On the way back from New Haven we stopped in New Canaan and got pumpkins. When we got home the boys started carving them but got bored and stopped midway through, so now they're rotting on the floor, half-carved and full of mold.

5. I had a TV series pitch meeting with Scholastic. Yeah, I know, it sounds kind of surreal, but a friend set it up through a friend of a friend, and so we went in and pitched a concept called "DOG-TV," the world's first TV show and web site created for dogs, about dogs, by dogs. They passed.

4. Ethan went to a "Parent's Night Out" party at his Tae Kwon Do gym last night. Jen had to work late, so Samuel and I had a rare meal together at the diner, followed by a trip to Barnes & Noble. We bought a book called "Goodnight Goon." It was one of those "Damn, I wish I'd thought of that first" moments.

3. Kahlua had to go to the vet to get some gland by her butt drained. That's all I know about it and all I want to know.

2. I went for a run today and beat the rain by 30 seconds.

1. Jennifer bought Halloween candy this morning and warned me not to eat it. So far I've eaten about 8 Snickers, 3 Twix, and 1 Three Musketeers.

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