Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Waterpark weekend

First waterpark of 2010. An indoor waterpark: Sahara Sam's, in southern New Jersey. We made a weekend out of it: rented a car, stayed at a hotel, ate at Taco Bell and Dairy Queen, visited a cave in Pennsylvania, and bought $300 worth of stuff at a Target, all as precursors to the main event.

(Target is to Jennifer what waterparks are to me and the boys: the embodiment of all things good in the universe.)

The consensus: there is no such thing as a bad waterpark, but Sahara Sam's does not have a hot tub. They have something called a "warming tub," which looks like it used to be a hot tub until they decided to cut costs by turning off the heat and re-naming it a "warming tub."

Well, we weren't fooled by their pathetic little ruse, and we've added Sahara Sam's to our list of "okay to do once" attractions. On to the next waterpark.