Sunday, April 4, 2010

We were the ones who didn't get an iPad this weekend

Yeah, that was us. Someone had to keep Apple's sales from reaching $876 zillion on the first weekend, so we opted for a more low-tech activity: the circus.

My personal history of Madison Square Garden events goes something like this:

1984: Bruce Springsteen with college friends
1987: Tina Turner with a girlfriend
1997: Indigo Girls with Jennifer
2001: Elmo Live! with Jennifer and Samuel
2007: 11 minutes of a Knicks game with Samuel & Ethan (we left once the Knicks were down by more than 25 points)

Note the disturbing trend of increasingly less cool events. Barnum & Bailey may not be as cool as a Springsteen concert, but it halted the downward slide. If I can keep from attending a Hannah Montana concert at some point in the future, I'm safe.

The boys' favorite part was when seven motorcycles rode at one time inside a globe-shaped steel cage. They ranked the circus #1 of fun things they did on Spring Break.

With $11 cotton candy and $10 lemonade, I think we spent more than the cost of an iPad.

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