Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wanna piece of me, Kathie Lee?

My book has only been out for 9 days, and it appears to be like those movies that go straight to DVD. It's hardly in any Barnes & Nobles, and not in any Borders. So I sent out an email this afternoon to 150 people, imploring them to buy it, and it catapulted it up to #34,307 on Amazon. Hey, spam works.

So I said to Jennifer, "I hate to do this to myself, but I want to see how that compares to Kathie Lee Gifford's children's book."

I saw it at B&N a couple of days ago and was annoyed that hers was out on the table and mine was tucked up on the Authors A-Z shelf, spine out, where no one could see it. So I put one of my books over hers just to protest the unfairness of the universe.

I just looked hers up on Amazon, and it's #38,660.

Ka-BOOM, baby, and the lights go out!

This may be the high point for me, which is sad, but I'm declaring victory.


  1. Tarpley: I am on the phone w/ Kat right now, and we wondered if your book came out, so I came to your site to find out-- only to read this post that reveals that we are not even among your top 150 friends. We would like to be spammed about such things. As hurt as we are, we will still go out to purchase your book, but only with the promise of having it signed by the esteemed author at a future date. Congrats!

  2. Looks like book store rearranging is in our genes...see Tulsa '10 Dispatch.