Sunday, September 12, 2010

Samuel's "Back to the Future" Ride

Samuel spent the past six weeks constructing a simulator ride in our living room, which he finally unveiled to the public this weekend.

Visitors watched a pre-ride video in the waiting area.

Then they were ushered into the ride, an 8-passenger DeLorean...

...complete with Flux Capacitor...

...time circuit keypad...


...plutonium gauges...

...Mr. Fusion...

...and all four of the Tarpley family's laptops, synced up to provide music & sound effects, Biff's in-car monitor, the time circuits, and the main ride video (projected onto the wall).

Seatbelts fastened...


...lights out and the ride begins!

Afterwards, riders snacked on popcorn and admired details of the vehicle.

Thanks for riding. And remember, the future is what you make it.


  1. Lame. I have seen much better. Cardboard? Really? You do know that the actual car was made out of stainless steel?

  2. hey, it is good. great job samuel i have been trying to do this 4 months in my room.

  3. Nevermind the trolls or haters, good job,of course you can make it better

  4. wrong the car is out of fiber glass

  5. For all you idiots of the past, the car IS made out of stainless steel, except for the flying ones which are made out of fiberglass. Hey, it's a great idea. I know someone who had an old DeLorean that didn't work, so they made an 8-passenger one and opened the ride to the public. It was awesome.