Saturday, October 30, 2010


If you wonder the number of years that I am
It's the number of states all connected by land

It's the number of hours over 2 different days
It's 2 dozen eggs cooked in 2 different ways

It's the smallest whole number with 10 whole divisors
It's the number of 6 whole adults in incisors

It's 31 more than the age of a minor
It's one number less than a pro 49-er

It's 3 pints of soda as measured in ounces
It's 12 4-bounce ball drops as measured in bounces

It's a third of a gross, and it's four feet in inches
It's the number of slats in 8 6-slatted benches

It's a precinct in Gotham where cars may get stolen
It's the number to call if you want to reach Poland

It's all of these things, and while all are quite fine
In 12 months I'll tell you about 49

1 comment:

  1. your writing style. I may just have to read more!