Sunday, January 30, 2011


#11 Iowa just beat #1 Penn State at Penn State!

I know that this interests absolutely no one who isn't already jumping up and down right now like I am, making it difficult for their kids to watch Spongebob, and annoying their spouse, who sorted the laundry about two hours ago and is wondering why it hasn't been taken down to the laundry room yet.

So, okay, I'll continue.

Iowa came into this match with a 72-meet unbeaten streak, but Penn State was favored to win 7 of the 10 matches. So Penn State was licking its chops. It had a sold-out arena in State College to watch the mighty Nittany Lions take it to the Hawkeyes.

7,000 Penn State fans were awfully quiet at the end of that one.

I've stopped jumping up and down long enough to post this blog entry, but it's a big day in the Tarpley household.

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