Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Breakfast With Ethan

What's on Ethan's mind lately:

"I think there should be a restaurant called Area 51. It would have space aliens and be all weird. It would kinda be like Mars 2112, but, like, if they had a spaceship ride, it would actually work."

"At first I liked geometry because the first week all I had to do was draw lines. But now it's getting harder because they have word things like 'line segments.'"

"For my birthday party the theme will be Ethan Dolls. You make them out of popsicle sticks, and you can dress them with clothes that you buy with Ethan Dollars. You can also make Ethan Doll sleeping bags."


  1. Tell him if he thinks *line segments* are hard...wait till he gets into the POLYGONS.

    And no, that isn't when the parrot dissappears.


  2. Oh, you just reminded me how much I hate Geomentry!

  3. ...and obviously Spelling. *Geometry!

  4. I like the one about lines.
    Greatings to Ethan! (And Todd of course).
    Adrian from the end of the World.