Sunday, January 15, 2012

DeLorean holiday party

Every time I write a blog entry about attending a DeLorean Club function I have to reiterate that we are the only club members who don't actually own a DeLorean.

But Samuel will be club president someday, so we're just getting him acclimated.

The event last night was an indoor mini-golf party. The highlight was seeing one club member's recently converted DeLorean time machine.

He has owned the car for over a decade and keeps it in great shape. A few months ago he had it shipped to a DeLorean customizer in Texas, who outfitted it with flux bands, exhaust vents, worm hole emitter, Mr. Fusion, and all other necessities for time travel. And for the equivalent of two years of private school tuition, you've got yourself a time machine.

How cool is that?

Cool enough for public school, says Samuel.


  1. Even cooler if it actually worked. Or does it???

  2. Apparently it travels into the future one second at a time.

  3. the DeLorean is kinda the coolest car ever built..!