Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mitten makeover

Jennifer bought a cleaning mitt the other day, and when I saw it in the kitchen I thought, "This deserves a better life."

So I bought some ping-pong balls and false eyelashes, and glued a little patch of black fabric in the palm for a mouth. My attention span is six minutes. Fortunately this took five.

So far it gets a thumbs up from Samuel, Ethan, and a baby on the subway. Some things were meant to be.

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  1. You made a Muppet!! I just saw the movie finally with Elise in LA. Dorothy told me about seeing that with Ryan & Addie, visiting the Muppet Museum and then seeing "Avenue Q" - a great gift idea, by the way. Then she sang me some of the hilarious songs from "Q," which really took me back to when she sang me several songs from the Sesame St. Alphabet Album after I had given it to April. I had a lot of fun on both visits.