Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Boob Dylan

I don't know why I have it out for Bob Dylan.

But I do know that if I were invited to the White House to be honored by the President I think I could bring myself to take off my f-ing sunglasses for 10 minutes.

Is that, like, a big imposition?

But, hey, I'm not a big, important musical genius who rhymes "namin'," "ragin'," "agin'," and "fadin',"  with "a-changin'."


  1. I took a class on Bob Dylan in college that made me appreciate him more than most do, I think. But this is just plain hilarious.

  2. Since no one has seen his eyes in decades, does it not make you think that there is a reason he keeps the glasses on? Personally I think it would be a pretty scary sight (no pun intended)!