Monday, August 20, 2012

"Dad, what 3 things would you want if you were stranded in the wilderness?"

Todd: A mobile phone. A car. And a hotel.

Ethan: We agree on one.

Todd: Which one?

Ethan: A phone.

Todd: Okay. What else is on your list?

Ethan: Water.

Todd: Could it be Coke Zero?

Ethan: Sure.

Todd: Okay, then I agree. What's the third thing?

Ethan: Soap.

Todd: Soap?? If you were stranded in the wilderness, soap would be on your top-3 list??

Ethan: You have to keep yourself clean.


  1. Funny. Not sure the mobile phone would work in the wilderness. The car might run out of gas before you got to the hotel, depending upon how remote you were. But very thought-provoking, nonethess. Love the fun father/son banter. ;-)

  2. You have a great son who continues to entertain me. Whatever would we do without kids to keep us laughing? =)