Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ocean Grove, NJ

So our new official favorite beach is in a town that doesn't serve alcohol, features a daily Bible quote at the entrance to the beach, and whose slogan is "God's square mile on the Jersey shore."

It's called Ocean Grove, and I love it because it's an entire town of well-preserved Queen Anne Victorian houses, one after another, up and down every block. People fly American flags on their front porches. The beach is pristine. It's like stepping into a time machine.

You know how much we love time machines.

I said it's a square mile, and I mean that both literally and figuratively. How square is it?

Well, there was a concert tonight in the 1894 Grand Auditorium--by Neil Sedaka. (We didn't attend, but I did sing "Right Next Door to an Angel" on the car ride home.)

Next week: Bobby Vinton. Seriously.

I have no explanation for why I feel more at home here than I do one mile up the shore at Asbury Park, home of Springsteen. I guess I've grown less rebellious in my old age. I no longer identify with "I went out for a ride and I never went back." (Dude, you had a wife and kids and you went out for a ride and you never went back? You're an ass.)

Whatever. We like Ocean Grove. We're coming back.

Oh...for the is Samuel in front of the pagan monument we built. And we peed in the ocean.

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