Monday, September 3, 2012


It was a good summer. I'm sorry to see it go, like I'm sorry to see all summers go. I know that there are only so many summers, so many days, and sooner or later you come to the end of the ride, and that's just--that's just way too sad a topic to even ponder when we're all so healthy, and happy, and alive. How could we ever be otherwise?

Look at those two beautiful boys. I can't imagine them not being young forever.

Look at that beautiful woman, who--God bless her--doesn't even like rollercoasters, and yet she's at Six Flags on a rainy, 74-degree Labor Day smiling patiently because she loves me. You can tell she's thinking, "I married a psychotic who equates the end of summer with death. Just humor him, and eventually he'll get over it."

Can't we just freeze-frame it? Can't we just keep everything the way it is, and everyone we love will stay healthy and happy and be together forever?

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