Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Ten Tiny Toes" at the Brooklyn Book Festival

Ethan and I went to the Brooklyn Book Festival on Sunday to see Marc Brown read my book. I wanted to meet him in person--we had never met during the entire creation of "Ten Tiny Toes."

I also liked the idea of sitting anonymously in a crowd of toddlers and watching someone else read my book to them. He-he-he.

Ethan was gracious enough to join me, even though he would've much preferred to spend his sunny Sunday afternoon at home playing on the computer. (Samuel had too much homework, and Jennifer had to stand guard over Samuel to make sure he did it, so they couldn't go.)

But I think Ethan enjoyed it, sort of. Our conversation at the book festival revolved around economics ("How much does it cost to rent a booth?" "Do you think they make any money?" "You should write a best-seller.")

I enjoyed meeting Marc and watching him read and draw for the kids. That's a good gig.

I also enjoyed seeing a big stack of my books at the Bank Street Bookstore booth, even though it would've been better if the stack were smaller, "because that would mean you'd sold more," as Ethan explained.

Most of all I enjoyed hanging out with Ethan, who is a very fun person to spend an afternoon with.

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