Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'm wasting time, and you should too

For reasons not completely known to me, I got an email from someone asking if I'd post this to my blog. It had something to do with the fact that I'd previously posted something about procrastinating, and therefore I obviously have an engaged readership devoted to procrastinating.

So apparently there's a site called, which I'd never heard of, and whose business model I can't quite figure out, but God bless them, they've gone to the trouble of creating an actual infographic, and they feel it's going to go viral, thereby generating a lot of traffic to, allowing them to make an additional $13.79 in referral commissions from the University of Phoenix, thereby allowing them to buy a mocha grande frappucino at Starbucks over the holidays. And because I support the dreams of such people, and also because I don't want to work on the PowerPoint presentation I'm supposed to finish before the holiday break starts tomorrow afternoon, I'm taking an extra 10 minutes to post this.

And did I mention that the graphic is courtesy of They politely asked me to state that clearly.

Internships Infographic

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